As an oasis in West Texas, San Angelo is somewhat removed from the national exposure to COVID-19, however, our local economy will feel the impact of meeting cancellations, travel bans, and wild swings in the financial markets. We encourage you to continue shopping local and shopping small to bolster our economy during this time. Also, please remain informed of any COVID-19 updates and news by visiting the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention online at their website, or follow them on Facebook.

How to Support Local Business During COVID-19

  • Order takeout or delivery instead of dining in a restaurant.
  • Get creative about how you greet others. Skip the handshake and instead opt for a friendly wave!
  • Share any spare hand sanitizer you may have with local businesses.
  • Purchase gift cards now for later use.
  • Shop at your favorite local retail stores by visiting their websites.
  • Pay with plastic when possible… paper money can reportedly be covered in more germs than the average household toilet.
  • Call in your order as a way to minimize time spent in a store, or purchase items now for future pick up.
  • If you have a membership to a gym or club, be sure to keep that membership current as many businesses rely on those dues to operate.
  • Check on small business owners and employees during this time and consider offering to help if you can!
  • Understand that difficult decisions will be made. These may include abbreviating operating hours or even store closure at this time.
  • Follow local business news by visiting their website or their Facebook page to be aware of their business operations during COVID-19.
  • Continue to wash your hands and follow preventative guidelines as recommended by the CDC.
  • If you’re feeling unwell or sick, stay home.

Business Operations During COVID-19

If you’re a business operating during COVID-19, be sure to check out these resources on how to safely and effective operate during this outbreak.

Check out the graphics below for tips on re-opening safely during COVID-19!

Shop Local During COVID-19

Retail stores and fun destinations have been hard at work ensuring proper safety protocols are in place to combat COVID-19. Though these protocols vary from business to business, the entire business community in San Angelo is dedicated to providing shoppers a safe environment to visit and play.

Check out the information below from the Texas Department of State Health Services for best practices and safety tips as a consumer during COVID-19.

Dine Local During COVID-19

Click here to view open restaurants!