Members of the San Angelo Chamber of Commerce:

It has been a very challenging time for us all. We have faced many unknowns and have had to change our lives and lifestyles to protect ourselves and our community. On May 1st we started on the road to recovery through the relaxation of some of the restrictions that were put in place during the national emergency. The length of the road we all must take, and the ultimate strength of the recovery is, in many ways, in our own hands.

In order to continue to move our business environment to normalcy, we all need to remain extremely vigilant. We must follow the CDC guidelines including social distancing, sanitation, and the wearing of face masks. It is essential to remember that, despite the reduction of restrictions, this crisis is not over. In fact, we are entering the most critical recovery phase now. Together we must demonstrate that relaxation of the restrictions will not lead to increased infection rates. It is important for us all to get back to work and we must continue to work together to make this happen. The best way that we can do that is by keeping the COVID-19 incident rate low and we will accomplish that by following guidelines and procedures.

Having said that, the lessening of social limitations provides us all the opportunity to experience our community once again and support local businesses. Take the opportunity to visit downtown San Angelo. Take your family out to dinner at one of San Angelo’s great restaurants. Meet a friend for breakfast at a coffee shop or buy a business colleague lunch. Visit an art gallery, or shop in our great local retail establishments. Take the opportunity to show our local businesses how much we value and support them and, tip generously!

We are continuing our weekly webinars series this week and the next installment will be on 8 May at 11:00. The topic will be: “Shifting your Mindset” delivered by Becky Benes, Certified Business Coach. The webinar will provide valuable insights on how to move through current challenges and beyond.  Register today by clicking here to take advantage of this free educational opportunity!

We applaud our Governor’s and local government’s efforts to guide us from crisis to recovery and there are some new developments on this front. Starting Friday, May 8th, a further relaxation of restrictions will include the re-opening of hair, nail and tanning salons.  On May 18th, our city has planned the regeneration of additional essential businesses, including the reopening of gyms and other facilities. We will continue to update you on all new developments.

My wife MG and I are looking forward to getting together with and getting to know you all. While we wait until we can gather in large crowds, we have the opportunity to meet virtually. I am hopeful that you can attend our virtual meet-and-greet session on the 12th of May. Details to follow!

I want to remind you that we are continuing to update, via social media and our website, how you all are currently operating to serve your customers during this transitional time. If you would like to convey changes in your hours or method of operations, please let us know and we will assist in spreading the word.

We will continue to communicate frequently by all means available. Please know that your input regarding you and your business remains critical, as we are constantly working on providing relevant and essential information to support our members. If you are able, we would welcome an update on how you are doing. We also ask that you take a moment to like and follow us on Facebook and on other social media platforms. We also ask you to check out our website,, for new information, as we are continually updating our resources page. I have included my email and personal cell phone number below. Please feel free to contact me at any time.

In the meantime, stay safe and keep well… We deeply appreciate you all.

Walt Koenig
President and CEO
San Angelo Chamber of Commerce
Personal Cell: (321) 474-1332