Members of the San Angelo Chamber of Commerce:

We saw a pullback in the reopening of Texas this week and many, particularly those businesses directly affected, are expressing anxiety and concern. These concerns are certainly warranted, and the Chamber and business community must do all we can to assist our challenged businesses, including our bars and entertainment venues. We are encouraging continued compliance with all directed and suggested guidelines to curb the uptick in the COVID-19 cases. If we all work together, we will quickly get back on a constructive track.

On a more optimistic note, unprecedented challenges and difficult times have historically driven positive change. We are in such an historic time. We are seeing clear trends in our economy that will be strongly net beneficial to San Angelo. The change of business practices driven by the COVID-19 pandemic and the social unrest we are seeing in various municipalities are causing businesses across the United States to reevaluate the risks and the benefits of relocating their operations to new localities. Global supply chains are being reexamined and diversified. Over the medium and long term, San Angelo is poised to take advantage of these trends to support the growth of our current businesses and to attract top notch companies to our community.

We will be talking about three emergent trends in the coming weeks and months. These trends include: the strong and growing shift of businesses and populations from urban to rural communities, the migration from municipalities with high taxation and liberal policies, including the defunding of police forces, to communities that are more fiscally prudent and politically stable, and the break of sole or primary reliance on China as a manufacturing and/or supply chain partner. Your Chamber, in conjunction with our community partners, will be working hard to take fullest advantage of these promising trends to support the growth of our local economy. While we are currently challenged in many sectors, there is no doubt that we will emerge from this period stronger and more prosperous than ever. It is truly a great time to be in San Angelo.

My wife MG and I are excited for our first Chamber luncheon later this month. We have a very strong plan to ensure the safety of all attendees. We will deliver a very full agenda that includes the celebration of our Leadership San Angelo class graduation and a State of the County presentation from our County Judge Steve Floyd. We are currently sold out but are working with the city to receive clearance to allow an increased capacity for this event. Once we get the green light, we will open registration again. Stay tuned for further details!

Our popular West Texas Legislative Summit has been postponed to 2021 but we will be holding an alternative event that has been specifically tailored for our unprecedented times. Our West Texas Moving Forward Conference will provide a unique opportunity for our attendees to learn more about the industries that will drive our future economy and the trends that will shape our community in the post-COVID environment. The August 11th event will be held in person with optional virtual participation. Tickets and sponsorship opportunities are available today. For more information, click here.

Finally, we ask that you take a moment to like and follow us on Facebook and on other social media platforms if you haven’t already done so. We also ask you to check out our website,, for new information, as we are continually providing updates. I have included my email and personal cell phone number below. Please feel free to contact me at any time.

In the meantime, stay safe and keep well… We deeply appreciate you all.

Walt Koenig
President and CEO
San Angelo Chamber of Commerce
Personal Cell: (321) 474-1332